Spread of Aids in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Call for Action Response to Overdose in EECA: Measures that need to be taken in response  to the overdose problem in Eastern Europe  and Central Asia -with recommendations. By Eurasian Harm Reduction Network 

By Women for Women, New Approaches to Harm Reduction for Women in Russia  Good document outlining the issues facing Russian women who use drugs, with recommendations and best practice in the region. By Open Society Foundation

Drugs As a Tool for Repression in Russia: Article on the use of drugs as a tool for silencing and repressing human rights and harm reduction activists in Russia (Denis Matveev)

The Russian drugs Czar does Not believe Methadone Maintenance to be Effective – Hes’ Wrong! Statement from HRC on the FACTS about methadone, and in particular, in relation to the views held my the Russian Drugs Czar Ivanov.

An interesting article from Drink and Drug News (UK) about the work being done by the harm reductionist org ‘Andrey Rylkov Foundation’ in Russia today. Entitled Russian Roulette -it gives an insight into the difficulties faced by those who work in the field of harm reduction as they face arrest, harassment, for distributing information that reduces drug related harms and saves lives. by K. Kashtanova


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