Why the Russian Drug Czar is WRONG!

The Russian drug Czar does not believe methadone maintenance is effective: HE’S WRONG!

Russian drug users have a right to health!


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Recently finishing his first year as exec Director of UN Office on Drugs and Crime, Yury Fedotov caused concern among civil society by giving the head of the Russian Federation’s Service for Drug Control, Victor Ivanov, prime position when this year’s UNODC’s World Drug Report was launched. When questioned as to Russia’s refusal to support opiate substitution treatment, Ivanov explained that “We can conclude there are no clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of this method [methadone] (For a short film about his response, click here). This alarming statement is indicative of either an extremely worrying lack of awareness for a man who is at the head of Russian drug control, or shows an unbelievable ignorance -whichever is correct, it shows him to be out of step with the vast majority of experts, scientists, doctors and researchers -as well as UN and WHO recommendations and conventions. This includes the UNODC which has firmly come down on the side of treating drug dependence as a health -not a criminal -issue.