This site is here to raise awareness about the human rights violations happening to Russians who use drugs.

We aim to raise public awareness about the abuses the russian government inflicts on its own citizens, in a drug war that is leading the region ever backward into a painful period of serious disease and death for millions of its people.

Needless deaths continue to occur from drug overdoses, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, imprisonment and poverty -large numbers of which could be avoided by simple, cost effective harm reduction initiatives such as needle and syringe programmes, opiate substitution therapies such as methadone and buprenorphine for those with drug dependencies, and low threshold harm reduction services.

On World aids day this year, countries around the world will tell the Russian government enough! It is unacceptable that a country as rich and powerful as Russia continues to renig on its international United Nation commitments, allowing the HIV epidemic in its region to spiral out of control.

Join with us on dec 1st 2011 across the world as we show solidarity to our Russian peers, colleagues and friends.

Click on our page Protests/Campaigns to find more details or follow us on facebook here

In the UK (London), In France -(Marseilles), in Sweden (Stockholm), in Romania (Bucharest) in Canada (Toronto), in USA (New York), In Australia (Sydney/ Canberra) and Spain (Barcelona). Please comment below if you would like to join us in your city -or would like to continue to expand this protest in the year ahead. We want to keep up the pressure on Russia, until they appear so out of step with the rest of the world, -that the world won’t stand by as they keep their head in the sand around HIV any longer.q


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